Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 Termtime | Ages 10.5 – 14 

Scouts work in small groups calls Patrols and get to take more responsibility for themselves and each other in our regular weekly meetings.  These are full of games and fun alongside our formal programme activities.  Scouts also undertake a wide range of other kinds of activities and have really exciting adventures. In the same way as the other sections, Scouts have EVEN MORE badges to collect and you can see them all below. Some of the activities that you might do, for example at school or other clubs, can count towards completing badges and showing off the skills that you have. Alot of  badges and out of scouts work contributes to completing the Chief Scout Gold Award,which is the highest award within the scout section and we make sure that they all get a chance to complete this award.

It's not all about badges though, as some of our favourite activities are all about having adventures.  A favourite one of ours is the annual overnight hike, which starts at midnight and we walk to arrive in time for the sunrise at the summit of the Lomond hills where we eat our breakfast. We love our camping and outdoor activities and another of our favourites is to make grand structures like the one shown in the banner, where we are building a rope bridge across a stream.  Can you believe that we all crossed it and it didnt fall down! We also join other local groups for activities and once a year take part in an annual lazer tag competition.

You dont need to be a Cub to join! If you've head about us from a friend or seen us in action why don't you get in touch.  We're always looking for more friends for our adventures!