All adults in Scouting are volunteers! As a volunteer, you can give as much or as little as you want of your time and it will cost you nothing other than that. It’s great to have volunteers that can support our group meetings every week. Others who would like to be involved but have less free time shouldn’t worry.

Where time is an issue, we also welcome volunteers who might be able to help out in supportive roles in the background. It might be that you have particular skills that would be useful, for example looking after our accounts/taking care of badge orders/helping at fundraisers or helping us to arrange activities for our young people.

Although the young people are what its all about, the rewards in supporting and joining our group activities are what make us all stay. The adults in the group also have great laughs and opportunities for friendship and social events.

All adults need to commit to the Scout Association Safeguarding Training and complete a PVG. Beyond this there are endless training opportunites to improve leadership skills and knowlege. Some of these awards can count towards externally recognised qualifications, and within the movement other awards recognise the dedication and training of all the amazing members we have.

We really believe that the poem on the homepage sums up perfectly what we we think being part our group is about – give it a read!

We are a large group and many hands make light work. If there is any way you can help, send us an email, or swing by after one of our meetings and have a chat with us. All help is welcome.