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Shona’s Award for Merit

30 May 2015

Shona receives the Award for Merit from her dad

Shona receives the Award for Merit from her dad

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Shona got an emotional surprise at the Cubs Pirate Camp at Bonaly on Saturday May 30th. Everyone at the camp, her family, Danny and Joe the District Commissioner, had gathered in the little garden opposite the centre.

Shona comes from a scouting family and her dad proudly presented her with the “Award for Merit” and it was very emotional. Joe and Danny both made speeches outlining Shona’s excellent work with the scouts and in the tradition of all good celebrations, there was a large cake with a picture of Shona on top.

The Award for Merit is given for outstanding service of not less than 12 years and 10 years exceptionally. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period.